This Is The News...

May 2019

- "Absecon’s Ghost Finders" is now finally out and available on Amazon.

March 2019

- "Elvira learns the value of truth the hard way" is now out and available on Amazon.

August 2018

- "Leyla's path to the man of colours and others" is now available on Amazon.

May 2018

- Lots of books has been re-edited, and got new up to date covers.
- "The Walkers And Drifters Between Two Worlds Trilogy" is now out.

April 2018

- "Leyla psychic pathway is finally on its way... The Mystery of Trelanies Manor should be out within a month or so...

March 2018

- "The Victims Of The Swamp Witches" is now out...

December 2017

- "The victims of the swamp witch", the first book from the series "Leyla's Psychic Pathway" is almost ready...

November 2017

- The idea of a new series is in the air...