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About me:

When one is asked to bare one's soul, as it were, and write about oneself the feeling one goes through is similar to an actor walking out on stage and forgetting his lines. If one is by nature, but maybe not showing it, shy, then it's even harder to talk about oneself. It's even worse when the request is to talk of one's accomplishments. I was brought up not to brag. To me writing of what one has achieved is a little like that. But, as I am told that this bio. is needed, here goes...

I was born in London on the 2nd of September 1931 of a Welsh Mother and a Lancastrian/Scottish Father. I went through the first stages of life 'Ad Libbing' career- wise. The term "Good at but Master never" would have, during this period, been a fitting epitaph.

After doing the marriage bit plus the five kids I finally gave in to the fact that I had to bow to spiritual pressure and use the Gift I had been given. What had been, at times, a light hearted party piece became my life's work. The hardest factor I had to deal with was learning to be totally responsible for my use of the gift in dealing with my clients.

Roger Kent-Webster