I was born in London on the 2nd of September 1931 of a Welsh Mother and a Lancastrian/Scottish Father. I went through the first stages of life 'Ad Libbing' career- wise. The term "Good at but Master never" would have, during this period, been a fitting epitaph.
After doing the marriage bit plus the five kids I finally gave in to the fact that I had to bow to spiritual pressure and use the Gift I had been given. What had been, at times, a light hearted party piece became my life's work. The hardest factor I had to deal with was learning to be totally responsible for my use of the gift in dealing with my clients.

Accepting that I had to use or lose the gift led me to the making of a pact with the spiritual realm. I would do their work to my best ability but, in return, I wanted to be allowed to be myself with the freedom to use the other gift of freewill. I therefore could not blame my God if things went wrong as so often we do. If I ever did blame someone I would get a spiritual kick up the proverbial and told "you chose", from my spiritual mentor Tai Ling, who allowed me to draw his portrait once, when I was in a trance.

Beginning this new venture, on a part time basis at first, led me to demonstrating evidence of 'life after death' at a local Spiritualist church in the UK. I then journeyed to the USA and from thereon started to use my gift in earnest. It became my life's work. At least I know that I became a master of that scenario. However, I still found myself learning from the pupils that sat with me.
1987 saw a big upsurge to my career or, as some would call it, fame. I found, through using my gift, an important lost diamond ring. UPA picked up the story and it made headlines in most major US newspapers. This led to TV and "People are talking" "Inside Edition" and "Entertainment Tonight". I was thrilled when the prestigious 'Atlantic City magazine' voted me No 1 in the life forecaster category.

I also loved the weekly hour long phone in program called 'An hour with Roger' on the local WOND radio. With all this behind me I was asked over to Hollywood where I got the nickname 'Psychic to the Stars'. A name I was not in tune with as I saw far more everyday people than stars. During my working days I met with many people, all with their own problems some big some small . Many just wanted a guideline to their life's path. I finally came to the understanding of why I had been put through the many trials and tribulations in my life.

If I had not personally been through the valley of experience how could I understand the feelings of the one sitting with me who needed my input. Loss through death, breakdowns of marriage and relationships, serious illness, plus the ups and downs of one's career life. You name it I've bought the tee shirt and the video as the saying goes.

I loved my work dealing with those who sought me out and I truly consider myself blessed by the gift that allowed me to hang up my shingle. One thing I did enjoy during this period, apart from being involved with the fantasy factories as I called the movie studios, was the many regressive sessions I did with cable TV. This half hour "Core therapy" brought into being by a brilliant psychologist, Dr. Boris Bagdassorroff ran for many weeks. It was also during my long period in Los Angeles that I was led to the teachings of Hermes and joined a study group.
I have found, since then, a great spiritual uplift resulting from my total acceptance of Hermetic philosophy. It made complete sense. I had, at last, found myself as the saying goes.

Retired from the consultant circuit because of health problems, (although one can never totally retire. If the use of my gift is needed then it must be used). I enjoy lecturing and feel I am drawn back to my early start. I now spend my time between Tuscany, Devon and the USA. I watch, monitor and guide, with pride, my first born child, Marilyn, who now, as an adult, is really showing strong evidence that she is following in father's footsteps, psychic wise.
I was also lucky about this time as I reconnected with my dear son Mark after a long time apart. He will not admit it but I sense he has also inherited the psychic gene which comes from my Mothers Welsh side as of way back in time.

I was hoping to retire after my return from the USA but somehow it did not entirely work out that way. I visited Malta where my much older brother had at one time been involved with fortress command. I made my usual mistake of speaking of certain things to a few people and then ended up invited to return. I did several gigs such as a call in on radio, a TV show appearance plus a few teaching periods and a few Lectures with demonstration over a couple of years. I have travelled, researched and did my thing several times in Israel ( a place I am very in tune with bearing in mind its “all religious history”), Turkey again very inspiring to work with people, Italy, France and of course where I feel as if I have a whole new family of beings is Spain. Of course I still have to tend to the spiritual needs of friends back in the good ole USA.

Retirement, even if it is only half-hearted, does have some blessings. I now have the time to indulge myself with my favourite TV shows like 'Touched by an Angel' 'Charmed' 'Buffy etc.' and of course 'Angel'. I read anything and everything but never non-fiction or books on my subject. As I dealt with people's realities everyday in my work life I like to lose myself in the imagination of others. I love all music except Rap or Heavy metal. Shirley Bassey my all time favourite. But, and it's a big but, I now have the time and the inclination to indulge in my writing .